Illest Bitch Testo

Testo Illest Bitch

Turn up that music
I got to fight this
I want to fight the music on this one
I was gonna write you a poem today
But I was like, fuck it
I was feelin' myself, you know?

Illest bitch alive, illest bitch alive!
Yeah, that my sista and I'm so proud how she hold it down
Illest bitch alive, realest bitch around
Pray you rich in confidence
Now I'm paying you mind
Look, the illest bitch alive, reallest bitch alive!
Yeah, one time for the
One time for the illest bitch alive, illest bitch alive!

[Verse 1: Wale]
Working out 9 to 5 keeping them babies fly
No the time, no what it's like
No one notice your plight
No one notice your struggle
No one know what it's like
How you hold in emotion
While holding in life
Man, straight and no fucking
Women's pain got her stressin
I can't touch her, so for pleasure
I get special attention
Yeah this the illest bitch alive, I love her freaky side
And the deeper that mean she get the sweeter
Rise for her


[Verse 2: Wale]
Baby father bullshittin', you two don't even speak
Ain't seen his seed in 14 days, that nigga too week
Couple shy of a month, I ain't runnin' you up
When it be too loose or you be too late
We ain't tyin' no knot
And I know it's double standards when you're fuckin' with us
But I pray these everlasting groupies don't fuck up this love
New Louboutins when she dressin', Louboutin
Please correct me, scratch marks
Make her self conscience, I kiss her where we're sexin'
Yes, it's the illest bitch around, flawless and brown
Smokin' loud, blowin' down when the law ain't around
When it comes to underwater I get nautical shawtie
Yeah, you leavin' alone but came here with multiple shawtie


[Outro: Read as poetry]
And I promised myself I wouldn't tell you this shit today
But, tomorrow's uncertainty promotes the urgency in this shit I'm a say
Perfection doesn't exist if it doesn't consume her and the truth hurts
And this world's mine, but the womb is hers
Ms. Mother Nature I pray that our daughters carry and favor your genes
And when you take off your jeans you get all the me that you need
That you allow me to work it 'til you know what your actual worth means
And for what it's worth, I hope a couple words could help you see...
Illest bitch alive
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