Pot Of Gold Testo

Testo Pot Of Gold

The root of all evil, is sorta like the roots new sequel,
its slavery (no hailey need sequel till they need it??)
Not even, but seemingly believe it tho,
see its simply greed, its such a need to say yur broke
Got fixation for that Homer Simpson phrase, or,
prior to the re mi, fa sol, la ti
The optimistic, pro on the lottery,
but more than not, and wit prolly a whole lot less than the start,
Soft wit the thought of havin more than required,
a smorgasbord to a dieter, sure its hard to get it but to have it is to fight it,
if u fight it then u own it, and u have it then its yurs...
In metaphor of course, but when you run your course you should correspond accordingly,
then keep ya change like an oink machine,
then never touch it like ya goatee is grown for years; Salam Alekum '


Its like I've got you one day, and then you go
Youre like the sun and winter, my pot of gold
All of the things you pay for, all of the things I sold
So I could find my rainbow, my pot of gold

Verse 2:

The rroot of all evil, now most of us be rootin for this evil
As the [soh's?] say we never see him
Replaced by an image, It happens when u spend it
Ironically it subs like a hero, subs like zero
Subs like a teacher that aint even sposed to be here
Lemme hear that beat air

I call them hoes Josh Smith
And it rules everything around them
U aint getting dough, don't even come around there
She needs a lotta goods, she needs that prada
And her daughter love them Harry Potter books
This is the root of all evil, the more earned the yearned for, the more lethal
The more small people at your door like please can I receive I for sure need it
Like I'm supposed to be a machine, they all reachin, but I'm all for my people
But hold up...I'm dreamin
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