The Number One (Competition) Testo

Testo The Number One (Competition)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I don't trust no one,
I keep my friends close, enemies closer, fuck both, I don't trust no one,


When you strive for perfection,
Desire get confused and you could lose your direction,
I lost my connection with a ?,
Athlete mentality so fuck my competition,
Me and him was homeless, maybe we still cool,
But every time we book, we stay in our green room,
Maybe its on me, or brother its on you,
Or maybe its they fault that we aint holla since June,
Fuck it we on the move, none of use tryna lose,
I am out of this world and you a man on the moon,
I'll meet you in the sky,
Look this whole time, we was comin from separate towns tu hold down,
I figure this where my heart at,
This shit has got my soul,
I tell them niggas picture me rollin I get the Kodak,
If ya'll don't know ya history ya'll should look a lil' closer,
I feel like Quasimodo with all this shit on my shoulders,
They say this media changed, these verses gettin strange,
Who you know famous and rich can say the same?
How can niggas blame us, I am not ashamed but,
I don't understand how this game made us strangers, look,
Competition, for the love and anyway it go, they gon remember us,
My nigga, its all love, that's how this shit be goin when you go for number one,
We tryna be number one, number one, we tryna be number one,
When you strive for perfection,
Desire get confused and you could lose your direction,
I lost my connection with my woman,
I needed her support but she was thinkin bout a marriage, FORGET IT!
I know your love is the purest,
But sexin without affection is necessary for some of us,
Here's my heart you can hold it, I won't need it on this road trip,
And I aint tryna cheat so go head, leave me to my lonesome,
GO! you free to go about your business,
But if we back to business hope we resurrect the feelin,
I'm a real nigga, them other niggas fill in,
The only girl I say I love you, and I'm not pretendin,
Look, I got no time for that type of connection,
Meantime, I hope you keep your vagina protected,
Your friends say, why we not together yet
Sad but its true, but I ain't on ya level yet,
Tryna keep a level head,
Workin like a Mexican,
Runnin this bitch, feel like I deserve a medal here,
First placin it, wine wastin it,
With all due respect, I cant have you in the way of it,
Competition, she in love, and anyway it go,
I'm gon remember her, but still,
My nature, its all love, that's how that shit be goin,
She vying for number one,
Tryna be number one,
She tryna be number one, she tryna be number one, tryna be number ONE!
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