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Testo Uptown Roamers

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Uptown roamers, and south side riders
up up up uptown up up uptown up up uptown (x4)

(Wale: yea! We got a lot of star power in the building tonight.
Rock, Mikey what up? Trey what up? Yea! Here we go! Forest Creek what up, Glenarden what up, Cap Heights what up, Berry Farms what up, Lincoln Heights what up, Michigan what up, Montana we aint playin wit em! Aww!)

[Verse 1]
District has arrived us, (ah) time to shine
Yea, I am the nail forever holdin em down
Down in the slums to the burbs, where they migrate
Who the one they talkin bout? That's what I thought, WALE!

A long way from a grammy, ima get it
I promise the moment it's with me I'll leave it in the district
Yea, and im just doin what I gotta do, flyer than the rest of em
I still got my Nike boots

Let me enlighten you, I am the brightest of the youth
The booth can't do it I provide to it
It's by youth with the mind of a G
I never cook coke, no sir that ain't me (nah)

But I'm so DC, and Maryland, Virginia
Dem other bammas pussy like the center
The center of the East coast my emblem reads
4-3... yea, remember that please

Uptown roamers, and south side riders
up up up up uptown up up up town up up up town (x2)

(Wale: yea yea yea yea, ay ay ay, Yea. Landover what up, 1-2-4 what up, 1st Quarter what up, Kin Land what up, Texas Ave what up, Largo what up, Trinidad gettin cash fa sho, yea)

[Verse 2]
Its DC, brought to you by me
The only thing higher than the crime rate is the fiends
Semen get leaked to the women of the future
The ladies baby boomin before they high school juniors

Yea, and these niggas don't be steppin up
Baby mothers quittin school, nigga now it's up to her
Believe yall, I aint tryna Stephen King yall
But most stay high with they eyes like the Singapores

Im singin poems for supporters of my songs
And all them out-of-towners
Just to show you how we goin
tha poor to the ballers, all went off
More Forest Creek stars, even yall out in Rockville

The home of Marvin Gaye, that's all I gotta say
Iverson was cool, but I supported Victor Page
It's the DC thang, incase you aint notice
Landover, Saratoga, and im Uptown...

Uptown roamers, and south side riders
up up up up uptown up up up town up up up town (x4)

[Verse 3]
Yes, its Wale
currently out in Maryland
I should be in the carry-out
truthfully I am ever fresh
Im evervesant, nobody do it better
They all are pretenders, I am the 7th letter

Yea, and that's my name, they aint forgot it
The 9th letter's forgotten, you will never be acknowledged

I get it poppin like Pacman, ask Powlow
ask G, he'll tell you that im into Go-Go
ask Mikey, he'll tell you that the hoes liked it
My prada lows, for the most part its only Nike
Some spite me, but they try to be a lot alike me
You gon have to sell some more records, niggas, without tryin'

Uptown roamers, and south side riders
up up up up uptown up up up town up up up town (x4)
In Background: (don't, don't, don't, don't hate him, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't hate him, don't)

Background: (ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay) (repeat until end)
Uptown roamers, and south side riders
up up up up uptown up up up town up up up town (Repeat until end of song)
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