Eat You Sleeping Testo

Testo Eat You Sleeping

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Heart wears the body
and the body wears shirts
Beneath my sleeping bag
my heart sits in the dirt
They'll eat you sleeping

But in my pillowcase
I've got you hummingbird
I'll eat you sleeping

I never should have bet my life
when you only bet your sex appeal
They'll eat you sleeping
They'll eat you sleeping
They'll eat you sleeping

You said that we were gonna
take this train alive
We'll eat you sleeping

You as the engineer
me your concubine
They'll eat you sleeping

Now no one's living in my dreams
Only phantoms wanna be with me
They'll eat you sleeping
They'll eat you sleeping
They'll eat you sleeping
Oh oh

I let you supervise
and you made me destroyed
I made you qualified
you made me whipping boy
The ones you shouldn't want
are the ones you want more
I let you look inside
and you butchered right through
A little truth in every lie
helps it go down smooth
They'll eat you sleeping

In this asylum of fear she knew no devil
that could keep us here
This hummingbird I took her word
my only souvenir
But they'll just eat you sleeping
The ones you trust
Honest they'll just eat you sleeping...
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