Feels Like Summer Again Testo

Testo Feels Like Summer Again

My mind is open
And my heart is full
I ain't got any weight
That I can't pull
And right now
I know that anything
Is possible
I'm gonna hang my drum
Blow my horn
I forget what these pills
I believe
I won't need them anymore
I used to burn candles
At both ends
Now I just throw the whole damn thing
Right in
Now playing in traffic is easy
Once you learn
Where you get in
You wanna come with me
Then get on board
Get in or get out
Use either door
The future is calling
And it's me
That it's looking for

Cause it feels like summer again
I was thinking that it just might never begin
After winter and spring
It's good to have the sun on my face again

I wear big boots
I know I do
I ain't envious
Of anybodies shoes
I wear 'em loose
Now maybe that's
Why it bothers you
I'm building my ship
Stick by stick
And where the waters get rough
I'm getting in
The motion of the waves
It does not
Make me sick


I buried my horse
In a shallow grave
I said a few things
I had champagne
That beast gave me everything
That nobody gave
I got high hopes
Tomorrow come
I won't look back
On anything
I just found out
That my bird
Can really sing...


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