Another Anthem For The Hopeless Testo

Testo Another Anthem For The Hopeless

to whom it may concern another anthem for the hopeless.
a life so innocent that day was not the same.
experience that would change her life forever.
she sang her fucking song tried to make a change.
but the change came from with in herself.
forever in debt to the nightmare in my head.
how much more can i feel, before it ruins me?
this will not control me that is what i fight for.
when will it be my turn?
when will all i fight for take its toll on me?
becuase i can not see my future lie ahead of me.
i'm fucking in debt to the nightmare in my head.
the one you put there, i'm taking back what you took away.
it's my turn now to bury this along with you.
it's my time for her to dream sweet songs again,
it's time for her dream alone again.
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