The Virus Is Spreading Testo

Testo The Virus Is Spreading

Wally Boy Wonder
The virus is spreading
Visual poetic forms of writing
You would think that me
A mind trapped inside poetry
A mind enjoyed by angel's company
Would be lost for words
Passionate style
A virus through these nerves
I dissolve mind angles
Mine a infinite curve
Polish my crown
Dissolve my frown
Mark defines sign
Does that make me a noun?
I just love angel's company
And writing poetry
So powerful to read
Voice of original style
Allows the deaf abilities to speak

Eyes sucked inside
Only one way to defeat
No retreat

The blind to see this next book
A jewel
A puzzle inside my mind
Take a peek
Figure me out?
Much doubt
Through the shadows I creep
My halo a event horizon
So deep
Close my jewel and sleep
Nightmares crushed close your dreams
In this never ending meta forest of trees
Follow my writings
Follow my speech
I'm so original
This 21st century poet
Follow my teach
Oh wow
You sure giggle while your high
As you enjoy the company
Of the 7th sign

Eyes sucked inside
Only one way to defeat
No retreat

Eyes sucked inside

My mind
Scattered time on this mind
Searching for that spot for hiding
For which I'm not finding
My mind and heart entwine
These words begin sliding
Line for line
A prism shall be erupted
Colors inhabited from Junior
In the meantime
This line becomes rewind
9 hours into the past
Unbelievable hugs form a massage
Tugs by sheets
A ghostly entourage
An angel and I?
Our eyes connect at peak
The power between the two became weak
Shall we cuddle and sleep?
Just a thought, lost in our dreams
To my left
I detect a mirror's reflect
Son of me?
Infinite rows of flowers
And a goddess in between
An angel in me?
Saints washed my hands
And they still never became clean
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