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Testo Lonely

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I look outside my window
There's people passing by
And everybody's running
And it made me wonder why
I'm so lonely
Yes I'm lonely

And waiting for my coffee
I'm standing in the crowd
And they're all talking on their telephones
And they're talking way too loud
It made me lonely
Lord I get so lonely

And every passing day
Connection slips away
And I get lonely
Lord, lord lord lord,

Solo: ||: Bm

I feel so separated
And down as I can get
As they message with their Facebook friends
They ain't even met
I think they're lonely
Lord, I think their lonely

And as they stare at their computers
And they yell into their phones
It feels me up with sadness
And it makes me feel alone
I believe their lonely
I believe that their lonely

And every passing day
Connection slips away
And we're all lonely
I believe that we're lonely

Solo: Bm

I believe that we're lonely
Lonely lonely lonely

Fade out...
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