Warzone Testo

Testo Warzone

I just got to let it go, I.
Should have know.
I gotta let her say goodbye now.
I through my armour down, leave the battleground.
For the final time now I.
I dont know.
Im running from a warzone.
In a house I hate that place,
Every where I walk I see your face
Try to erase a memory where the flame,
In hope i'll never see you again,
Standing here, in this burning room,
You know the end could come so soon,
It's clear to me,
The lies you used,
The ones that killed me aint hurting you,
So I I,
I dont know,
I just got to let it go,
I I, should have know
I got to let her say goodbye now,
I through my armour down,
Leave the battleground for the final time now I I,
I dont know,
Im running from a warzone
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