And Now For The Thinking Impaired Testo

Testo And Now For The Thinking Impaired

A more straight forward song if my true story was too long.
A message to the simple few who still don't realize right from wrong.
For all of those who instigate this tired uninspired hate,
these bitter lies that hypnotize, you swallow and regurgitate.
Regurgitate initiate a hunt for prey that can relate
to anger they're endangered and a leak springs thru a rusty gate.
An artificial leak, cos this dam was built by man.
The flood that pours won't be ignored cos poison pissed was poison planned.

Alliance of a nation, revitalization,of an organization, expect retaliation.
There's no time for your kind,k there's no place for your crimes.
These races won't tolerate a nation of racists.

Fuck your hate fueled poison!

I know how you spread your poison,
and I'll always guard the well.
So you prejudice, racist, neo-fascist fucks, can fuck yourselves.
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