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Testo False Hopes

Inserito il 09 Giugno 2009
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What are you so happy about you've been here once before
This history of pissed kerosene is nothing to ignore
There still could be a lion behind that numbered door
If that's the stake the risk you take
Remember you've been hurt before

Fuck sympathy the words are key
Are friendships stronger than beliefs
I guess we'll wait and see how strong a bond can be
It's time to test the waters and I should feel lukewarm
But I don't and I have hope that this chapter ends this love

Do I need another reason to believe
This is more than sympathy or charity
Well I know that hearts still there
And it's bled as much as it can bleed
To feel that beat again it won't take surgery

So we still face these complications alienation restoration
You can't just patch this ship, it has to be rebuilt
But if the roots are strong the branches they will mend
And keep until the end, and keep until the end

They started off the best of friends
And found that every friendship ends
But could this ended friendship mend
Could we forget could we pretend
That nothing ever happened here
The future's safe and free of fear
It'll all be the same, this won't happen again
So how can I forget and how can I trust
When I loved you like a brother
I loved you like blood

I'll hope...
It's not...
False Hope

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