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Testo Media Mindfuck

One at a time and they fall into line
fall enslaved to a box slowly drained of a mind
and the touch of a dial brings the sale of corruption
to a nation of people frightened into consumption
it more than escapes me how we can't escape
what was only a mind fuck's turning into a rape
an imagined potential for suffering and pain
led to preying on fears for a financial gain

now we're safe cause we're locked up
un-invaded, isolated
but we're trapped cause we fucked up
used by news that we felated
tell me why
did we put this trust in the sale of entertainment?
and why
are we frightened by these ghost stories they've painted?

we're not

have they got you scared of your own shadow?
has this media hysteria poisoned your mind?
did they take your freedom? or did you take your own?
has implanted paranoia taken you for a ride

have they sent you hiding under a rock
that could crush you just as easy as a terrorist plot?
did they take your freedom or did you take your own?
are possessions a concern when you're robbed of your thought?

switch off the box
turn on your mind
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