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Testo More Lies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Politicians on pedestals for heroism and grace (great)
when only really found in the right time and the right place
they just sit up in their office never really knowing fear
as a thousand dead and dying will just further their career
now it's just so easy, there's a dollar to be made
all we need's a giant billboard erected out of someone's grave
there's no profit margin in truth so we better sell our own
lies travelling through time and space then beamed right back into your home

they lie
on the news every station propaganda spreading from the television to the papers
they lie
with their stories they create- they're just painting the right picture
for the right time and right place
so now we can't believe in a single thing we read
cause they're selling they're not telling
and it's all based on their greed
and this shit only seeps into every mind you see
every boring life that can't escape t.v. reality

did you really find it coincidence when hollywood shits out more
than a dozen flicks to glorify americans at war
military takes the cue with more ads running day and night
do you really believe dying a hero is more glorious than living?
but if you'd rather die- if you think it's my supply
than swallow all your medicine and never question why
just pray to your remote, and sign away your life,
and take your bet on who's the threat your wager's lost cause it's a lie

switch on the camera does it matter who dies?
there's always profit in pain
there's alway profit in lies
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