More Violence Testo

Testo More Violence

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
This chip grows every day with every passer by
so don't ever underestimate my hate
this hate doesn't run dry
a violent reaction is long overdue
a line was destroyed by heavy traffic and my anger grew

How could one well adjusted person
be so full of hate? They say
and I say walk ten steps in my shoes
they never have and never will and never will refute
so what may be news to you to me it's just old news

Do unto others cos they treat you like shit
the golden rule is ruled by fool's gold
or duck and cover cos you're the first they'll pick
you see on me it's taken it's toll

If you think we live for violence you're wrong
it's wrong it's just how we get along
when hate torment and humiliation follow you
fight back what doesn't kill you it can only make you strong
chipped teeth kicked thru split lips still go unanswered
it's not something that we seek out
but it's something that we find
don't breach the line (and) you won't even have your pride
and you can't if you pay 'em no pay 'em no mind
they say ignore it deny them the pleasure
but it won't feel like it's pleasure
when you're kicking in their head
so live and let live but live for their amusement?
I'd say that you're better of dead
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