The Re-education Camps Testo

Testo The Re-education Camps

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The buses arrived today we packed the things we could
i took one last look around the house that no longer belongs to us

it's passengers only here we left our things behind
the clothes on our backs the only memories they let us take along
stepped in our new home today there's no dividing walls
it's us and five other families in a one room building with six beds

we just keep waiting waiting for the day they let us go
we keep our faith even when everything's been taken away

locked up in these prison camps i don't know what we've done
they say we're a threat now to this country that i have always loved
we still keep our hopes alive itsuye sends her best
someday we'll reclaim our lives and try harder to fit in with all the rest
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