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Testo Lies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Lies! - You heard them all
Blood! - You feel it's call
Time for payback it's the final day!

Hope! - You lost your dreams
Justice! - Ain't what it seems
Shooting killing as your mind decays!

Mercy is for weaklings
Don't give in your feelings
Just do as you will
Come and join the players
Speak your final Prayers
Buckle up - this is the overkill!

"Fire in the hole" - we have compromised!
"Fire in the hole" - it's time to see the lies!

A toxic combination
Your feast on this sensation
You know what to do
Countless deaths to follow
Plant the seeds of sorrow
Move them down
You're trained to kill and...

Hate! - It fills your soul
Pain! - It takes it's toll
You grab the gun and then you loose control!

Sin! - Now it's to late
Death! - Became your trade
No time to think you're out to kill them all!

So you pull the trigger
Bloods becoming thicker
A feeling oh so new
Each bullet flies with anger
Forget the current danger
Kill the scum
A target for their lies!

Your head filled with Lies!
You look to the sky
And watch your demise

Lies! - You suffer from Lies!
The pain in your eyes
You paying the price

Now the war is over
Oh what have you done?
Now you're feeling not so right
You face what you've become

A butcher and a slayer
A killer and impaler
Madman filled with rage
Now you're out to murder
And you take it further
Again you take the stage

"Fire in the hole" - we have compromised!
"Fire in the hole" - it's time to see the lies!
"Fire in the hole" - your bloodstained hand you see!
"Fire in the hole" - oh no this cannot be!
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