Big Talk Testo

Testo Big Talk

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Back street fight is looking for trouble
If you open your mouth You're bound to rumble
Johnny looks tough He's froze in the eyes
He keeps his mouth shut He don't tell no lies

Johhny went out last night Got in a barroom fight
Embarrassed a jealous man in front of his cheatin' wife
The man said "Tonight you won But I tell you son
This one's far from over" Johnny said...

Big talk is just cheap talk unless Unless you're backin' it up
Big talk is cheap talk Only words
Unless you're backin' it up Backin' it up

I don't know why some men lay down and die
Don't they believe in what they are sayin'
You should get on your fee Believe you can't be beat
Remember talk is only playin'


I remember what my old man used to say WE'RE BACKIN' IT UP
Never give up and run WE'RE BACKIN' IT UP
Don't let the talkin' breeze blow you away
Always remember Stick to your gun
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