High Testo

Testo High

Last night I had a dream about you
And how you fit in my naked life
Mistakes, I guess I made a few here
And there and from time to time
Yea, oh yea
I know, lord I dreamed about it
Every detail in every move
I¹m sure, there¹s no doubt about it
I¹m trying to break through to you
I¹ve tried several other people
Came close a few time but then
It just broke down
I won¹t lie, I won¹t kid about it
Merry come Œround and round

Hey love, hold me close,
Pull me in
Don¹t let go, faith & love aren¹t enough,
I should know, give me hope, let it show
I think you know how to make me feel high

All, all that I want is a moment of your precious time
And all, all it would take is let me come over to your side
I think you know how to make me feel high
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