The Fools' Theme Testo

Testo The Fools' Theme

Empty and surreal, this ceaseless domain
Nothing here is what it seems
The teacher exposed, a master to a slave
Level upon level to obtain
The blind will be leading the blind
The battle controlling your mind
The all seeing eye, an eternal reign
The symbols have faded away
The fool will never die, living in a dream
Where the locks will refuse him the key
The blind will be leading the blind
Distorting the spirit's design
Confusion is the lie, weakness is the sin
No more mortal remains
An enigma to behold, the answer to all games
A path that has no return
The blind will be leading the blind
Deceiving the hearts of mankind
The Fool, The Fool
Don't get lost like the fool
There's no return for the fool
The Fool, The Fool
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