The Wasteland Testo

Testo The Wasteland

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
detroit got stupid it was timeto blow I can?
dig people when they play control
I rocked to manhattan and what'd I see some great big buildings
that could set me free

the bars are open all night but that damn aids test got me soup tight
I said that damn aids test got me so uptight pay your money to the land lord
donald trump is just a money whore under my bed there's a baseball bat
the goddamn taxes gonna break my back
I'm in the wasteland I'm in the wasteland
I'm in the wasteland I'm in the wasteland
I'm in the wasteland, mama you know it's true
no motherfucker's gonna tell me what to do I'm in the wasteland
the gangs are doing drive by's in l.a. quinn is drillin' ink and we're gettin' laid
your shotgun cops are goin' to hell l.a.p.d.'s got an awful smell
in hollywood the scene's all there tommies always got the drugs to go on a bender
everytime I go I never wanna come back breathe the summer air, you'll have a heart attack

you're in the wasteland you're in the wasteland
you're in the wasteland you're in the wasteland

you don't buy what the government sells the goddamn president can go to hell
you're in the wasteland

I can't live unless I'm free you've gotta run to stay with me
I move from town to town I'm livin' on the underground
hey baby come with me I meet a lot of good company
to beat the system move around it's the only way to freedom today
find the freedom today if I make bail tell you where I go
gonna cross the border into mexico tequila's cheap as sunshine
wind up bangin' everything in sight I'm free and that's a fact
once I leave I ain't never comin' back
I'm in the wasteland
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