Re-Vital-Eyes Testo

Testo Re-Vital-Eyes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hugh spun language,
But we're not hearing the words.
It spoke to us at birth
It said, "Men, when something starts there's got to be an end."
The mind, it suffers more
Heads up to the sun when the world turned cold.
Blind as a bat to forever unfold the lies that were taught to the young by the old
Their hearts are stone but once gold
Their eyes are wide,
Their tongues are tied
They're sold
Bound and gagged and thrown into the cold
Living suicidal, trying to understand, this worlds on wheels

Chorus: Build it up, watch it break
Giving up, there's no way
Listen up, you've got a lot to learn
Inside lies a purpose driven life

High spun language
But we're not hearing the words
It spoke to us at birth
It said "Men, when something starts there's got to be an end"
Cycles die and then begin again
Pinned by inner demons
Sing the anthems call:
We're born
We lie,
We live
We die

Living life in denial of death
Fearing death in denial of life
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