Memories Testo

Testo Memories

I have no memories
Yet I remember everything
Seems like so long ago
That I knew all there was to know
I lost that a long time ago
What were those words I used to know
And the throbbing drone is the only sound
Every time I get up something knocks me back down
And here I find myself again
So cliche it's always been
And now I know what I should do
Whatever it takes for me to get through
I need to get to where I belong
I'll still be singing that same old song
The one way back from ninety-three
The way it reminds you so much of me
So take this soul it's all I've got
Muscles twisted cramped in knots
Memories shattered and time dissolved
Everything I had, I gave it my all
Broken mirror reflection, stained glass windows black
Anything it takes, cause there's no going back
Memories from a time ago
Things that past we used to know
And though we've had our share of pain
I thought you'd never come back the same
But the test on paper we all passed
And living quick and dying fast
Only hoping for a dream
It's all I have of you and me
But that's all from a time before
When I had less and less was more
When everyone told me what's next
And everything was less complex
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