Kanayamasha Testo

Testo Kanayamasha

Kickin' a dub to Watcha possee!
Catching a mop an m.o.p misuse of power my brother
Let me see when you get it going showing, posing dong dong
Me gonna catch a gonna and when you gonna come
I'm gonna be six feet under the earth so stop coming on with all that pressure,
aggression typical misuse of power, me talking about the c.u.l.t cult of personality
rubin a bullet a inna di man shot, originally pelleta inna di bone
The power, the power leads to human decline, end is near I feel it, I feel it
Coming like a thief in the night
And that can change your mind and your personality
The power erases all your former values
Have you ever wonder why they fight to move up through the hierarchy
I call it power, they call it reserved domain
The seats, the seats, the seats are looked after, and there's no place for the moralizers
Kanayamasha, kanayamasha katamata
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