Southern Manners Testo

Testo Southern Manners

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
well I can't tell you why I left you
and I don't quite know why I'm here
but nothing has moved my spirit
since I saw you late last year

every lover knows a reason
and every woman has felt the same
although our minds record each heartache
a little lovin' can take away the pain

hold me, hold me, hold me close
caress my shoulders and my toes
make forget what I can't
be my lover and my man

a man he gives you all you need
some money to spend and a kiss when you please
when you're broke down on the road
he'll come on by and lighten your load

well I guess I owe you something too
well it seems you've finally come on through
and my southern manners do oblige
won't you come on over for a slice of pie?

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