Until Heaven Stops The Rain Testo

Testo Until Heaven Stops The Rain

Until Heaven stop the rain
Until Heaven come up and stop the rain

Optimism in my heart
A child of God
A couple of years ago my life was falling apart
Job that I was working didn't want me no more
Four months later some nigga's kick down my door
Denied unemployment pay, bills everyday
In a separate room with myself is where I laid
In the mist of foreclosure my people a cloud hovered
And rained on my head non stop is how I suffered
Had two daughters
Biological was outstanding
My stepdaughter she hated me misunderstandings
The fire fanning, should have been with her dad
Half a year later my marriage was really bad
All I had was this music everything else I'm losing it
Hoping when these doors close shut, some others open up
It's just the same old song, without the singing
So I pull my hood over my mind for stormy evenings

Until Heaven stop the rain
Until Heaven come up and stop the rain

I asked God if he could take the rain away today
But he ain't answer so I said OK
The function of the sky was grey and needed colouring
Other then a peep in the night so now my brother men
Keep twisting, attitude shifting and bending
Hell I am pretending? for levels lacking the sending of a challenge just to change your life
Stories to memories, more knowledge to read at night, become your history
For years and years
Crystal ball is clear
Watching my life inside of it I have no fear to tell ya
Man it's more to life than your idea
Wisdom man it grows like buildings holding careers
We either talk to the next man or the Reverend
How we doing wrong not right starts at eleven
Talk to my daughter about life mainly the seven given birth
On Earth as it is in Heaven

Until Heaven stop the rain
Until Heaven come up and stop the rain
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