Catfish Testo

Testo Catfish

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Crave, desolate, you dive in, we follow along
I contrive you with whiskey and sam cooke songs
And we lay on our backs, soaking wet
Below a static tv set
Conversation flows, counting shooting stars and catfish
But I'll never make a wish
Barefoot, parking lot
Getting high in portland, or
We echo 17 and we glue it back and poke fun
And it gets real quiet, I don't care
Darting with moonshine, truth or dare
I say just what I'm thinking and secondguess instantly
And you laugh at me
We stick to our slow motion memory
Its 1 in the morning and 90 degrees
And though now it is hovering darkly over me
It'll look just like heaven when I get up and leave
You're a ghost and I can't breathe
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