Dawning Testo

Testo Dawning

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[music: WAYD/ lyrics: D.Jurik]

sequences of fear, intersected lines
the exiled thoughts, my feelings survive
this is the dawning of my dreams
here comes the sunset of our fears

so different but still alive
my weeks are covering the months
i´ve put my dreams into mouth
and the body controls the mind

the windows of their wisdom
are full of suicides
seven chicks & sixty smiles
your ignorance to be satisfied

ask to swallow, smell to fake
join the silence or stay away

sequences of fear...
this is the dawning...

when you´re stuck in the moment
when you´re dead man alive
just try to remember
all your last goodbyes

as the age swallows your breath
when the doors are closed just get away
don´t let your stare cut into half
when life is calling your name

so different...
the windows of their wisdom...

ask to swallow, smell to fake
join the silence or stay away
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