Flat Land Boogie Testo

Testo Flat Land Boogie

Chuggin' along creek eighty-five
Look like another fourteen hour drive
Sun come up, it's a purdy day
Lands so flat you can see L.A.

It's a flat land boogie, when the mercury's high
Tornado alley, is always hot and dry
There's cotton fields and cattle ranches
Honky tonks and all night dances

Flat land boogie!

[1st Interlude]
(Killer)(I'm diggin' it)

Racin' train down a rural route
Cruisin' towns, just checkin' 'em out
Buddy's gone to check his soul
Late at night on radio

(Chorus repeat)

[2nd Interlude]
(Holly)(ah play on brother, play on)
(Ah Ricky)
(Ah Mr. Wakefield)

(Chorus repeat)
Flat land boogie!
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