Miller, Jack & Mad Dog Testo

Testo Miller, Jack & Mad Dog

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Last night I saw a bunch of kids swervin' down route 1
They's goin' fast as lightnin', Lord I guess they's havin' fun
They tried to take the corner but they couldn't hold the turn
And I saw them hit the treeline as their hot rod flipped and

Miller, Jack and Mad Dog will do you everytime
But they're no good for staying to the right side of that line
If Johhny Law don't get you somebody else could die
So do yourself a favor don't go drivin' while your're high.

I ran toward the wreckage but there was nothin' I could do
The fire burned so hot, Lord, I realized they was through
The car was full of people never knowin' what they done
And worst of all the driver 'cause he just turned twenty one.

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