Why Don't You Leave Me Alone? Testo

Testo Why Don't You Leave Me Alone?

(1st Verse)
Well last night you told my dad
I ain't worth a dime
Well don't you worry baby
'Cause I'm leavin' this time

Why don't you leave me alone
Why don't you leave me alone
Well your hillbilly daddy's packin'
And I'm gonna be gone

We never get along
I guess we never will
I'm saying so long
It oughta give you a thrill

(repeat chorus)


Well I'm goin' joint jumpin'
Down at club twenty-one
I ain't lookin' for trouble
But I'm gonna have fun

(repeat chorus)

You want a sissy does this
That'll hear your command
Not a hillbilly singer
With a five piece band

(repeat chorus)

[2nd Interlude]

(repeat 1st verse)
(repeat chorus)
Yodal lay ee, yodal oh, yodal eh
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