Would I Know You Testo

Testo Would I Know You

Would I know You now if You walked into the room
If you stilled the crowd, iIf You light dispelled the gloom
And if I saw Your wounds--Touched Your thorn pierced brow
I wonder if I'd know You now

Would I know You now if You walked into this place
Would I cause You shame, would my games be Your disgrace
Or would I worship You, fall down upon my face
I wonder if I'd know You now

Or have the images I've painted
So distorted who You are
That even if the world was looking
They could not see You, the real You
Have I changed the true reflection
To fulfill my own design
Making You what I want
Not showing You forth divine

Would I miss You now if You left and closed the door
Would my flesh cry out "I don't need You anymore"
Or would I follow You, seek to be restored
I wonder, I wonder
Will I ever learn
I wonder, wWould I ever know You now
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