Nation, Forgive Us Testo

Testo Nation, Forgive Us

You want to talk about indecision?
Just take a look at all the Seminole lies
We are the product, misinformation, a generation milked by a Columbian high

Then we could trace it to a loud salvation
Back when eleven fell onto its side
If we're so hopeless then why'd you mod us to be nothing more than soldiers with impressionable minds?
Nation, forgive us.
We are young but don't cast us all aside

You want to talk about revelation
A backfire lash against the paradigm
Yeah it was easy then, when you could scold us
But you cannot beleive that we will commit to your crimes

Nation, forgive us
We are young but don't cast us
Father forgive us we are young
but don't make us stand in line
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