Chin Up, Son Testo

Testo Chin Up, Son

Ed Sheeran presenterà gli MTV EMA 2015 a Milano
Take out pen and paper,
write down nothing worse,
anything to take me away,
can't see the...words to say

do I wait inspiration,
now i try to found desparation,
the writting on walls set the steel out vation for me

Son tell me why do i worry myself,
I be alright doin just fine,
its no need to ...

Son tell me why do i worry myself, i'm out of the storm
my heart is warm, I made it threw hell

under these only losin its habite that i not doin well
think about u every night and day
but i'm better off now
in my darkest desire i know the fire let it burn, just let me burn

son tell me why do i worry myself i be alright doin just fine its no need to dwell

son tell me why