These Colors Flee The Scene Testo

Testo These Colors Flee The Scene

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Just because you're brainwashed
Doesn't mean I have to be
I would appreciate it
If you would not concern yourself with who I am and what I do

Everyone I know
They all try so hard
To be all they can be
I just don't see the point of life with someone else's standards

Is there anybody listening?
Does anybody care?
Or are we just content to
Live a life confined by walls created for us not by us

Why not tear down the boundaries?
Why not give 'em fucking hell?
Instead of this complacency
Why not rise up and overcome, why not stand up stick to our guns?

Let 'em run
From all their problems
And we'll create our own solutions
Let 'em run
From this mess they made
And we can start again

The time has come to overcome
The time has come to conquer fear
The time has come to stand up for everything that we believe
Don't let 'em tell you what you can and cannot do
Don't let 'em tell you what you can and cannot be
Their answers led us nowhere so we'll take this on ourselves
We're not running anymore
We're not running anymore
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