Fly Testo

Testo Fly

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
June 6th 1944
5 minutes till we hit the beach
Men reduced to boys, fear will not release
Smell of death around, it's coming for me
Hear someone scream you'd better keep your head down

You feel terror over taking you
Captivates your mind, now you're gonna puke
You run with the blind, don't know what to do
Hear someone scream you'd better keep your head down

When the enemy flies and tears they fall
Breaking the grounds that brace your fortress walls
I see them coming for you
They're coming gunning
I rise above your fall
Taking your place I will destroy them all
My child you are mine
Accept my sacrifice

So many years later now that battles won
But it still remains just in a different form
This is not a battle fought with sticks and stones
This is not a war against flesh and bone

You know the answer, you know the answer
Pick up your cross and do another lap son
I will work through you

I am not afraid of what they can do to my body
Cause it's my heart that lives on
I'm not ashamed to face the pain
And scream your name, scream your name
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