Safe And Sound Testo

Testo Safe And Sound

Pray for me, pray for us...
But the storm is coming
I've got a feeling that the sky is falling down
(Brace yourself)
I've got a feeling, got a feeling
We carry the dead forward through trenches
I've got a feeling that this could be the end
I left you at the altar
So you left me to face fall of the world alone

Waving through the destruction that was our city
The place we were to raise all our children (our children)
This is all I have to show for a thousand years
Living as a ghost inside a broken mirror

Slow this down, I never wanted to live like this
Slow this down, I've found comfort in loneliness
I may lose control but (I won't take a soul)

We fight with honour for what we love
And when it's over...
We'll take valour to our grave

My heart beats faster than a hurricane
(It's spinning 'round and 'round)
And we're leaving this place
Yeah we're leaving this place behind

I can't feel anything at all
It's too cold to breathe; it's too late to leave
I pass the gallows; I was at all the ghosts
When the world ends I think I will smile
It's too cold to breathe; it's too late to leave
Did I do all I could to save you?
Or did I save myself from you?
From you!

We abandoned each other just when it mattered most
(We lost it all)
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