You Wouldn't Wanna Land On Mayfair Testo

Testo You Wouldn't Wanna Land On Mayfair

Have I made myself clear?
Everyone is leaving and no one is breathing the same air
When we were young I had such faith in all your words
Another night alone, everything is scary
I bet you're tearing holes in the walls again
I think that's cute, but looking back I hope you suffered

You stay awake without me
But I'm not coming home to say goodnight
We've hit the road we're southbound
(This is where I belong)

On the road with my brothers tonight
One-ten on the highway thinking of you
(Then I hear!)
News from back home, I can't believe what you've done

Darling, spare me the truth
It's written on your neck
It's embedded in your mattress
Step back to basics I can't chase this anymore


My heart is pounding
My only wish is you had a backbone
We're taking turns, we're taking turns
(We're taking turns so sit down
And you'll see that you're nothing without me)

Oh no, you've shown your true face
Oh no, It's a tragic case of...
Whores don't get a second chance
(Spread your wings not your legs)

Without sincerity I wrote you a song
You'll listen time and time again
Without sincerity I wrote you a song
You'll listen time and time again
But you won't hear anything!

Every dog has its day and today was yours my....
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