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Testo Intentions

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
The intent. i intend. the intentions of one will guide.
i strive to speak what i have learned and learn from those i see.
to step out of this life is my ambition.
to speak out and show you what I have seen.

i am one voice amidst the shouts of many.
i cry for those without a voice.
for those who don't know that they have a choice.

open your eyes and see what it means to feel compassion and live in love.

be my strength to tear away this blindness.
that makes us unable to see what is standing beside us.
i'll be your strength, follow my lead.
i will show you what it is to love.
what it means to care.
how to end this war.

for we are nothing without brotherhood.
and brotherhood is nothing without your brothers.

stand with me and see what my eyes have seen.
take my hand and let me show you what it is to love.
the intent. i intend. the intentions of one will guide.

for you cannot love one until you have learned to love all
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