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Testo Paradigm Of Logic

Am I myself? Or part of everything else?
Corruption corrodes your frame of mind.
Now you are truly blind...
Macrocosms refine... when will these thoughts take flight?

The sun as the center of all that is us.
Planets are charges set to collide.
Under the scope we feed our own pride, but it's all just lies.
Theories intended for suppression of our cries.

The sun as the center of all that is us.
Planets as charges set to collide.
All I've ever asked is for the eyes to see if this is really me... I won't succumb to an aesthetic reality.

But I take my name.
And take my place.
Along with all the scars of this tragic race we create.

That comfort, that light.
That's where the answers are sure to lie.
If I choose to die... will I find that place where planes collide?
Where science and faith finally coincide?
A place where this face will finally subside? Subside...

What if the paradigm of logic that we're forced to breed and develop is just a cry? Just a cry into nothingness. To fill the gaps? I feel trapped.

How could I have overlooked such a simple concept?
I've just been hiding from myself with these pathetic whims of desperation...
The veil has lifted and I can finally see.

Become what you are.

Born of your consciousness,
It seems so tangible...
It's unreal to think...
That I've been here all along.

I can't decide.
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