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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
And the time has come again
It started with me in the backseat
Head against the window
Reminiscing on the times when I was younger
Thoughts of how it got to now
The past is past
But it happened so fast
Write a new chapter write a little faster
Skip to the good parts
Let's make this story a good one
A classic new year's resolution
A time to take over
A time to take back what's been ours all along
We'll storm from the East Coast
This city is ours and we'll never give it back
Hold tight to this night
Because nights like these are what we live for
Don't close your eyes
You may just miss the sunrise
Sneaking a look from over the hilltops
Watch as the colors fade
To another year of brand new days
Let's make these next few months
A story that's unforgettable.
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