Life's An Avalanche… Survive It Testo

Testo Life's An Avalanche… Survive It

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
I'm running out of words to say
To explain the way I feel
And quite frankly I think I'm ok with it
Yeah I'm ok with it
I'm sick of saying a million times
This life is mine and only mine
So your two cents are irrelevant
Oh yeah we're living it up
Say what you say
Because I'm not listening anyways
This is the life we chose
Make it count the first time around
Don't ever let them hold you down
This may be our only chance to get out of this town
Jealousy runs through your bones
When you see me smile
And I have this thought that maybe it's because
You haven't in a while
Or maybe when I've heard you say
That I act a little bit different
Not like all of your other friends
But remember I am not one of them
This is the way that we've chosen to do this
And we don't need your help to get through it
Your words are just words with no purpose or meaning
Not even a million words could stop me from breathing
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