My Goodbye Testo

Testo My Goodbye

And how did I wind here
And how did you wind up there
And how did we both become
So unaware
Lost today and broke tomorrow
Once upon a time we wrote a story
That had a perfect ending to tell
Too bad we lost the chapters
Though they say
Covering with stars takes practice
Now I sit wondering
How could this ever have happened to me
Talk fast move slow
So I can savor the moment as you go
Watching you walk away
The words we talked today
It ok just say goodbye
But remember the good times
Nervous breakdowns from dealing with this breakup
I guess life sucks and that's just the way it is
Pick my head up in time I swear I'll be ok
Guess this is goodbye
Guess it's really over
Never would've guessed in a million years
That me and you would be here
But I guess I guessed wrong
Guess this is goodbye
Guess it's really over
It takes it's toll on me.
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