Friday Is Forever Testo

Testo Friday Is Forever

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I knew a girl in shades of blue
Who broke my heart and said, "We're through."
Waiting for a girl like you
To change me like the weather.
Since she left me high and dry.
Split me like a Gemini.
All those days are passing by
Like flowers in December.

Friday is forever, we belong together.
So come on, come on, and don't you say never.
If you go then I know there is no tomorrow.
So come on, come on, you should know better.
It's right, it's time for you and I.
Friday is forever, we should be together tonight.

No more living in her head,
No more crashing in my bed.
I'd rather go with you instead,
Don't care where we end up.
Hold your body close to mine.
Blame it on the blood red wine.
It takes a week to finally find
That Friday is forever.


Don't be afraid,
We will stay this way.
Don't ever chance,
I'm in love with you.


We should be together tonight.
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