Promise The Stars Testo

Testo Promise The Stars

Let's take off and fly
and race through the sky
and like the hundreds of airplanes
we're floating way up high.

We'll never look down
we'll build our own town
and like the thousands of clouds
we will never touch the ground.

Would you risk the broken bones
just to call this place home
this could be home.

Maybe I'm down low.
Maybe I'm up high.
Maybe I'm losing my own mind.
You know that there are no other two hearts closer than ours.
Well maybe you'll follow.
Maye you'll stay.
I'm praying that you won't give yourself away.
You know that you are the only one
I'd promise the stars.
You are.

With your hand in mine
we'll soar through the night
and like the dozens of spaceships
we'll dance like satellites.

We'll keep our eyes closed
and we won't let go
and like the millions of stars
we will never be alone.

I want you, my only lover.
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