Give Is A Good Girl Testo

Testo Give Is A Good Girl

Did you close your fist so that you'd be missed when well-to-do came in the room wearing your hat?
Generous and twice as fat
New on the nascent scene
Guerilla in a submarine

You thought that you had found the path
But the avenues that lead are infinite
And now you're not a bit surprised
That you wound up in the place you drifted towards

Did they play Nick Drake for his family's sake?
The radio was taking a nap when Nick broke out
Enough to create the doubt
A sign of the prior scene;
Ascetic on a trampoline

It's amazing that we've come this far
But you can't imagine any other way
We're headed towards the same hotel
But your driver's got a blindfold on his face

Don't confuse the rake for a girl named take
She lives downtown on Avenue B where she's no rogue;
In and out of different clothes
A matriarch for modern times
Mother to the victimless crime

And a passenger who falls asleep

We could be lost in space and she would tell us that All is as it should be

I want a woman who can read my mind, who knows that everything is intertwined
I want to kiss her palms
I want to kiss her palm

I want to make a living with the band, but these two girls are walking hand in hand
You'll never know just one
I'll never know just one
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