Afterwards Testo

Testo Afterwards

Laura Pausini: il 25 settembre esce il primo singolo estratto da "Simili"
The horizon will be bent
the sun will always, and,
there's still a thousand birds singing:
"nothing, nothing, nothing,
nothing nothing, nothing"
-tweet, tweet-
a raft by itself
a raft amongst many
and most things still run, and most things still run and
happen, happen, happen - happen, happen, happen

the stars were out last night and dim
and a million years ago
and no one is out there!
and someone is out there!
and we document it well, we document it well
and happen...happen....happen....happen
1.happen 2.happen 3.happen 4.happen 5.happen 6.happen and

afterwaaards i know that it's not a summer rain
afterwards i know that
it's not a summer rain anymore