I Must Destroy Testo

Testo I Must Destroy

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
If i roll the dice and choose
to forget
if i drink so much beyond regret
say please and say thank you you you you
claim i don't mean it at all
you're the perfectestest feeling that i ever
knew, you're the closest to sun that
i ever flew, but my wings made of waxxx
melt, in a freefall to ground
but i must detroy3

it's the sacccharine ballad that i cannot fake
it's the sweet from a stranger that you cannot take it's
a feeling you had and
you lost
you claim
cannot be found

but i must destroy4

yesiamsorrytotouchwithoutinvitationimiscalculatewiththepurestintentions, you just seemed to me like the girl
that has
sad in her eyes.

but i must must i must
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