Relative Surplus Value Testo

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Testo Relative Surplus Value

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Find the airport, 7 a.m.
My heart pumping pure mini-bar
Sit on the concrete by the carts
And some girl throws a dime in my lap

You won't be laughing when you hear how this one ends
So I sleep through the entire flight
Don't really wake up until the cab driver says
'Hey, where you going, I forget.'

Think of the time I came to visit you here
The year after Jeremy died
And the elevator's fast and pops my ears out.

They're all waiting patiently
Touch my name tag and say 'Hello'
I'm too tired to smile today
Squeak the chair once, take a deep breath
Straighten my tie and say, 'What's the damage.'

And the pause feels like an extra year of high school
The CEO takes me aside
I'm down 12 points and they're selling.

The graphs in the board room show
by the time that the market opens in Tokyo,
I'll be worthless

So, what I'm trying to say,
I mean what I'm asking is,
I know we haven't talked in a while
But could you come get me?
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