Wellington's Wednesdays Testo

Testo Wellington's Wednesdays

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The night's a spill, a permanent stain;
the city soaks in silence, salt and dirty snow.
A blue glow from the tv again,
the cutains never open, faces never show.
And every time a light is turned on there's a light that's turned off somewhere.
For every failing feeling that's lost there's a perfest cost,
there's a debt you can't share.
And every night they play the same song to the same offbeat believers.
And everyone is singing along wearing blueblack eyes,
wearing dead men's neck-ties.
Clocks stopped at the corner of Albert will show your last bus left an hour ago,
so stumble down the stairs again,
pretend you're not to proud to understand
and still know when your voice cuts through the crowd that lonely people talk too loud.
Numbers on a washroom stall.
There's always more then one last call calling you
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